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History Channel
Additional Music
Season 14
​American Pickers - Best of the 70s
American Pickers - On The Road Again
American Pickers - Oddities and Commodities
American Pickers - Signs of Struggle
American Pickers - What's Inside the Vault

American Pickers - Jersey Jackpot

​Season 15
American Pickers - Slim Pickings
​American Pickers - Another Brick in the Wall
American Pickers - One Giant Pick for Mankind
American Pickers - Scrappy Go Lucky
American Pickers - No Stoner Left Unturned
American Pickers - Planes, Frames and Automobiles
American Pickers - The Joy of Sax

American Pickers - Pickers Code

American Pickers - Tick Tock Pick

Season 16
American Pickers - Twin at All Costs
American Pickers - Risks and Rewards
American Pickers - Hidden in Plane Sight
American Pickers - Greatest Pick On Earth
American Pickers - Divide and Conquer
​​American Pickers - Rock and a Hard Place
American Pickers - Concrete Jungle
American Pickers - Bound for Badness
American Pickers - Tough Nut To Crack
American Pickers - Sgt. Picker's Lonely Hearts Club
American Pickers - Bucking Bronco

American Pickers - Catch 32

American Pickers - Hydro Homestead

American Pickers - Risks and Rewards

American Pickers - Time Warp

American Pickers - Shocked and Loaded

American Pickers - Going Down

American Pickers - High Energy Crisis


Season 17

American Pickers - American Dream

American Pickers - Hot Rod Hero

American Pickers - Queen of Fortune

American Pickers - Something Weird Here

American Pickers - Superhero Heaven

American Pickers - Tunnels and Treasures

American Pickers - Woody's Picking Paradise

Season 18

American Pickers - Frank's Big Day

American Pickers - Mike's Big Buy

American Pickers - The Mother Load

American Pickers - Pedal Pushers

American Pickers - Real Knuckleheads

American Pickers - Ripe for the Picking

American Pickers - 40 Acre Pick

American Pickers - Slam Dunk Junk

Season 19

American Pickers - Big Tennessee Welcome

American Pickers - Bubba Gump Picks

American Pickers - Adrenaline Junkie

American Pickers - Big Money Racer

American Pickers - Doctor Is Waiting

American Pickers - Double Bubble Trouble

American Pickers - Eyes on the Prize

American Pickers - Frank's Folly

American Pickers - Hard Bargain Picks

American Pickers - High Flying Pick

American Pickers - Jersey Jaguar

American Pickers - Junkyard Wizard

American Pickers - Mighty Micro Madness

American Pickers - Million Dollar Cars

American Pickers - One Wheel Deal

American Pickers - Pickers Like It Hot

American Pickers - Pickin' for the Fences

American Pickers - Rat Rod Rolls

American Pickers - Ready to Race

American Pickers - Ready to Roar

American Pickers - Roll Like A Rockstar

American Pickers - Space Ranger

American Pickers - Texas Pick 'em

American Pickers - Snow Job

American Pickers - Van tastic

Season 20

American Pickers - Frank Meet Brank

American Pickers - The Michigan Madman

American Pickers - The Mysterious Madam X

American Pickers - Pick Like A Honey Badger

American Pickers - Picker's Dozen

American Pickers - Presidential Picks

American Pickers - Raiders of the Lost Pick

American Pickers - Space Invaders Smackdown

American Pickers Best Of

Extreme Collectors

Cross Country Picking

Another Wicked Pick

Games of Skill and Chance

Junkyard Gold

Keep On Rockin'

Lone Star Picking

Picks in Toyland

Robbie to the Rescue

Tunnels and Treasures

All Signs Point To Picking

Battle of the Pickers

Lil Pickers 

Sport of Picking

​​Bible Secrets Revealed - Lost in Translation

The Curse of Oak Island - Bullseye
​The Curse of Oak Island - Once In, Forever In
The Curse of Oak Island - Secrets and Revelations
The Curse of Oak Island - Voices From Below

The Curse of Oak Island - Bone Dry

The Curse of Oak Island - Journey So Far

The Curse of Oak Island - Homecoming

God Code

​Ancient Aliens - Hidden Pyramids




Destination America
Additional Music
Ghost Asylum - Old South Pittsburgh Hostpital
Ghost Asylum - Kuhn State Hospital
Ghost Asylum - Fenwick Plantation
Ghost Asylum - Pennhurst Asylum
Ghost Asylum - Old Crow Distillery
Ghost Asylum - Preston Castle

Investigation Discovery
Additional Music
​Deadly Devotion - Mafia Murder
Deadly Devotion - Pledge Your Life

Six Degrees of Murder - Dream Home

Six Degrees of Murder - My Sister's Secret

Twisted Sisters - Breaking Point

Twisted Sisters - Bye Bye Baby

Twisted Sisters - Daddy's Girls

Twisted Sisters - Letter

Twisted Sisters - My Sister's Keeper

Twisted Sisters - Naked Truth





Additional Music
Lockup Extended Stay: Grand Rapids, MI - And Baby Make Three 
Lockup Extended Stay: Grand Rapids, MI - Gamble






Fox Sports Net New England
Additional Music
​Celebrity Build - T.V. Series




Additional Music

Robert Kirkman's Secret History of Comics Season 1 - The Mighty Misfits Who Made Marvel







Additional Music

The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway

Snapped Notorious -Eileen Wuornos

Snapped Notorious - Ted Bundy

Lifetime Movies

Additional Music

​Killer Kids - Assassin and the Matrix Kid

Killer Kids - Full Metal Jacket and Mommy Issues

Killer Kids - Good vs. Evil and the Good Son

Killer Kids - Knight In Shining Amour and Are You Trying To Seduce Me?

Killer Kids - Southern Belle From Hell and My Best Friend's Girl

Killer Kids - Stand Out and It Runs In The Family

Killer Kids - Tattle Tale Terror and Army Brat


Additional Music

Season 1

Genealogy Roadshow-Austin

Genealogy Roadshow-Detroit

Genealogy Roadshow-San Francisco 


Season 2

Genealogy Roadshow - New Orleans Cabildo

Genealogy Roadshow - St. Louis Union Station


Season 3Genealogy Roadshow - Albuquerque

Genealogy Roadshow - Miami

Additional Music

Season 3
The Filthy Rich Guide - Breaking Records Loving Sports and Early Retirement
The Filthy Rich Guide - Gifting Like a Billionaire, Covering it in Gold, Billionaire People Problems
The Filthy Rich Guide - High Priced Horology, Collections Gone Wild, Extreme Vacations
The Filthy Rich Guide - Putting a Ring on it, Filthy Rich Space Race, Billionaire Scams
The Filthy Rich Guide - Winning the Wedding Wars, Filthy Rich Internet, Luxury Life Hacks

Season 1
The Deed - Big Ambitions, Even Bigger Debt
The Deed - It's Your House But It's My Money 
The Deed- Property Won't Love You Back
The Deed - Sold Them A Dream

Season 1
The Deed Chicago - Analysis Paralysis
The Deed Chicago - Fires On Every Floor
The Deed Chicago - Mistake On The Lake
The Deed Chicago - Playing Defense on the Deal


Epix - Slow Burn (additional music)

Ride The Wave - Comedy Short Film
Film Composer

​Cibe - Feature Film
Film Composer​

Jingle Ad Campaigns

One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning

SubZero Ice Cream & Yogurt

The Rhode Island Foundation

Empire State Plumbing, Inc.

Mortgage Lending Direct​

Roberts Auto Services

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